Flex Coat

Flex Coat Is a seamless rubber surface system that combines durable high tech polyurethane binder resins with high quality U.V. stable rubber granules. The mixture is then poured in place and hand troweled to create a beautiful maintenance free surface that not only enhances the look of your pool deck, patio, entrance way, walk way or playground, and will exceed your every expectation.

Flex Coat is one of the most versatile surfacing solutions on the market today. It’s porous surface lets water run through it making it slip-resistant when wet. It has the ability to expand ¼” over surfaces making it Crack-resistant and suitable with freeze and thaw cycles. The product is impact absorbing, soft on feet and reduces injuries from accidental falls.

Flex Coat installs over most substrates such as new or old concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and tile. There are 12 decorative colours to choose from and which can also be combined together to create custom mixed colours.