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Commercial Interiors

Taxis Contracting offers a wide range of expertise to turn your commercial premises into a place to be enjoyed. Whether this is a shop, bar, restaurant or office we have the skills to turn your space into the right atmosphere

Metal Framing

Including structural studs and joists, strong and solid with excellent strength to weight ratio offering long lasting structural integrity that will not warp, twist or shrink and also offers great fire rating capability’s


Quality and precision workmanship of interior and exterior walls, ceilings and building partitions offering smooth or decorative textured surfaces and including curved walls and dropped ceilings


Insulating methods to maintain temperature comfort as well as noise reduction and fire rating. An effective insulation system provided by Taxis Contracting will slow the movement of heat and deal with the movement of moisture at a very reasonable cost.


Architectural acoustics improve sound quality within the space and reduces the intensity of sound to and from adjacent rooms or from outside. Sufficient control ensures space functionality and is often required based on building use and local municipal codes.