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One of our popular renovation services is to remodel homes to meet the changing need of the client, especially for the elderly. When clients become less mobile with age, there are a lot of features you can add to your house to ensure their safety and make everything more accessible to them conveniently.

Those upgrades can include:

Entrance – By adding ramps we create barrier-free entrances to allow easy access for people of all ages and abilities. These features make the home more accessible to a person on crutches, using a walker or wheelchair.

Living space – We widen doorways and hallways to increase floor space to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, replace door knobs with lever handles, replace standard light switches with rocker-type switches, install non-slip flooring and secure area rugs or runners, install sturdy handrails along both sides of stairways and apply non-slip tape on stairs.

Bathing – We offer a wide variety of accessible bathing options like curb-less showers, walk-in bathtubs or simply safety accessories like grab bars. We provide quality and carefree solutions that are both safe and enhance the look of your bathroom.

Kitchen – For wheelchair-bound individuals who like to work in the kitchen. We install accessible counter tops (at a lower height or with an open bottom) so microwaves and other small appliances are easily accessible, replace cabinet doors with drawers so it is easy to access items inside, replace the stove with one using induction cook top to reduce the chance of burns and easy maintenance, and switch out a knob-style faucet for a lever-handled faucet.

The following video is a project we finished recently.